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Benefits of using Auto Acquisition

This service was created to help Credit Union members buy cars in a hassle free, friendly environment however has evolved over the years to serve customers whether credit union members or not. 

Although often overlooked, the most important benefit to the customer is to avoid the whole car buying ordeal.  We can save the customer the time of shopping around hassling through dealership games and being pressured to buy at each stop.  Often times, customers are coerced into buying something they don't want or can't afford.  Car buying is a flawed process to begin with, it is designed to have a professional salesman prey on the inexperienced busy and obtain from them the most profit they can for the dealer. 

At Auto Acquisition, we work for the buyer insulating them from the dealer and getting the buyer the best deal we can.  Although often over looked, the most important benefit of using a car buyer is to avoid the whole car buying ordeal.  Some other benefits of using Auto Acquisition for your next car purchase are:

  • We eliminate additional Dealer fees
  • Get unadvertised rebates/incentives
  • Take advantage of volume buying

Auto Acquisition's agreement with our dealers is that we won't call them unless we have a preapproved buyer.  This streamlines their process, motivating them to give us preferential pricing.  The program is an honorary system, we only want to involve the dealer when the buyer is ready and has decided to buy within 24-48 hours.

The ultimate goal of Auto Acquisition is to produce a satisfied customer.