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Frequently Asked Questions

By taking the dealership out of the delivery we can bring about some interesting occurrences.  It brings forward things the buys usually never see, such as replacing mission floor mats, slow tag work, etc.  Due to the sheer volume of vehicles that we have delivered there is bound to be something unexpected.  The key is to not panic, if something doesn't seem right, call us immediately.  If you can't reach us by phone, email us at which will be forwarded to our cell phones.  Most of the time there is a really simple fix or explanation to the question and all the preparation in the world can't prevent everything.  Auto Acquisition will be the first on to timely remedy the situation should something occur.  Below are a few FAQ's we have received over the years.

  1. What if I receive the car and it is damaged?

          A.  The vehicle will be returned to the dealer at no cost to the buyer.

     2.  What if it is the wrong equipment or color?

          A.  The vehicle will be returned to the dealer at no cost to the buyer.

     3.  What if the paperwork is wrong?

          A.  We will have the dealer forward the corrected paperwork to you.

     4.  Can I use a car buying service to shop around?

          A.  No, car buying services are only engaged after you have decided on the vehicle make, model and features.