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The service starts with the customer (you) contacting us about helping you obtain your next vehicle.  We will write down what it is you are looking for, what features are desired on the vehicle, and the budget.  Once we have this crucial information, then we locate the vehicle at one of over 120 dealers we work with.  Our goal is to get the best possible price for you, our customer.

Trade-in assistance is available and we have several dealers and wholesalers at our disposal to maximize the trade offer. 

Once we have found the vehicle desired, we will contact you (the customer) and tell you what we have found and the bottom line price.  Upon customer approval of the vehicle, the customer provides their Driver’s License, Insurance Verification, and Registration (if needed).  This will be sent to the dealer so the appropriate paperwork can be completed.  In addition, we will set the delivery time and location.  The vehicle will then be delivered to the location of your choosing or our office, where delivery will be executed.

There are several delivery options available which using our service as outlined below:

  • The dealer will drive it to your bank or our office;
  • The vehicle can be shipped to your bank or our office;
  • Delivery to your home or office;
  • The customer travels to the Dealer to take delivery.

Our preference is to deliver the vehicle to your bank or our office to insulate our customers from the dealership completely.  Driving the car is the most punctual and reliable delivery option, conversely, shipping is the least reliable and timely option.  When is the car is driven, it us usually sent by representatives of the dealership or professional drivers who are responsible and make regular runs for the dealership.  Shipping companies are independent of Auto Acquisition and the dealership. 

How the Service Works